Salmon Fishing Tips

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Pink Salmon Fishing

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Pink salmon or Oncorhynchus gorbuscha is the smallest Salmonidae species found in the Pacific waters weighing on average between 3 and 5 pounds with length of 20-25 inches. Like all the species of the salmon genus these are cold water fish which are highly valued both among sport fish admirers and those who fish for […]

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King salmon Fishing Tips

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King salmon is also known by the names tyee salmon, black salmon, quinnat salmon, blackmouth or tule salmon. All of these are common names for Chinook salmon, which inhabits West Coast Pacific and is the state fish of Alaska. Chinook are very appreciated for their delicious meat and huge size both by sport and commercial […]

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Chinook salmon FAQ

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Chinook salmon is a favored fish on the West Coast. It is not only prized for its exquisite flavor, but is also the state fish of Alaska. Chinook (scientific name: Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is one of the top sport fish species anglers dream to catch. Weighing on average 20-30 pounds and being fierce fighters, Chinook are […]

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Steelhead Salmon Fishing Tips

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The Salmonidae family (salmon and trout) includes more than sixty species and sometimes it may be difficult even for experienced anglers to tell them from each other. Steelhead salmon (rainbow trout) and common salmon are often considered to be the same fish among amateur anglers, but these are actually not. Although both share similar traits, […]

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